I am a software developer with a deep passion for Unity. I have experience in desktop applications for Windows and Mac OS, mobile game and application development for iOS and Android, and tools & UI development. Past work includes higher education, video production, tools for game development, children's games and apps, development for artistic performance and installation, and numerous independent projects.



C# code, 2D and 3D graphics, user interface design, shaders, physics, particle systems, mobile deployment and optimization.


iOS and Android development using Unity. iOS development using Xcode and Objective C. User interface implementation, TestFlight, iTunes Connect, in-app purchases, push notifications.

Desktop Tools

Game studio production tools for Windows and Mac OS. Client/server applications. User interface design.


Audio recording, mixing, post-production. Music making, synthesis, Eurorack synthesizers.


Video producer, television producer. President of nonprofit arts organization focused on independent media production distributed via cable television.


A selection of projects produced for clients, employers and self-produced.

LEGO Friends Maker Studio (2016-2017)

Description: Creativity mobile app in support of the LEGO Friends brand.

Client: LEGO (Cricket Moon Media)

Tools: Unity


  • real time painting tools and textures
  • facial landmark detection

Double Dutch Jump (2014-2015)

Description: Endless runner style game of jumprope for iOS.

Collaborator/Producer: Matt Obst

Tools: Unity


  • music engine
  • rhythm analysis

Golem Arcana (2014-2015)

Description: Hybrid digital app and tabletop game

Client: Harebrained Schemes

Tools: Unity


  • User interface enhancements
  • multiplayer push notifications
  • In app purchase UI

Libatious (2014)

Description: Cocktail recipe book/drink journal for iOS.


Tools: Xcode, Photoshop


  • Easily store recipes with photo, location
  • Share via social networks, text, email
  • SQLite driven database

BookFlix (2012-2013)

Description: Streaming service and creativity app for iOS.

Client: Scholastic (Cricket Moon Media)

Tools: Xcode


  • video streaming (Brightcove)
  • client/server app: accounts, dynamic asset updating, story creation and sharing

Minnie's Food Truck (2014)

Description: Activity app focused on Disney's Minnie Mouse character.

Client: Disney Digital Books (Cricket Moon Media)

Tools: Unity


  • 2D physics
  • asset downloading via client's proprietary service

Marine Missions (2013)

Description: Game focused on teaching children about oceans.

Client: National Geographic (Cricket Moon Media)

Tools: Corona


  • Multiple game mechanics

SceneIt? (2009-2012)

Description: Mobile version of the SceneIt? movie trivia game.

Employer: Screenlife

Tools: Xcode, Photoshop


  • Lead developer in release of 10+ titles for iPhone and iPad
  • Local wifi/bluetooth multiplayer mode

H2 (2005-2009)

Description: Windows/Mac OS tools in support of game production.

Employer: ScreenLife

Tools: RealBasic, Photoshop


  • DVD authoring tools
  • content writer tools used across many projects: DVD, console, web, mobile
  • bug database

Video Traces (2001-2005)

Description: Voice based video annotation software for Mac OS.

Employer: University of Washington

Tools: Director, RealBasic, Photoshop


  • real-time voice recording and video playback controls
  • mouse gesture recording
  • prototyped client/server version (Apache, FTP, MySQL, PHP)

Maximalist (2003-2007)

Description: Live video processing and performance application for Mac OS.


Tools: Xcode, Quartz Composer, Photoshop


  • quartz Composer based video processing
  • custom UI design and programming

Detour (various iterations)

Description: Interactive art installation and performances.


Tools: Director, Premiere, Quicktime, Photoshop, Visual Jockey


  • Performance utilizing hardware video mixer
  • Installation with multiple game interfaces
  • Performance utilizing software for video and audio