I am a software developer making games and applications for a wide variety of platforms including iOS, Android, OSX and Windows, and more recently for VR. My experience in software development experience ranges from rapid prototyping to full cycle application development and maintenance. I focus on Unity as my main development tool, and have a wide range of knowledge of both built in technologies as well as 3rd party assets, including native camera usage, facial landmark detection and cloud and peer to peer networking. Other work includes tools for higher education, video production, internal tools for game development, children's games and apps, development for artistic performance and installation, custom electronics, and numerous independent projects.



C# code, 2D and 3D graphics, user interface design, shaders, physics, particle systems, mobile deployment and optimization.


iOS and Android development using Unity. iOS development using Xcode and Objective C. User interface implementation, TestFlight, iTunes Connect, in-app purchases, push notifications.

Desktop Tools

Game studio production tools for Windows and Mac OS. Client/server applications. User interface design.

Virtual Reality

User Interface, multiplayer, development tools.


Video producer, television producer. President of nonprofit arts organization focused on independent media production distributed via cable television.


Audio recording, mixing, post-production. Music making, synthesis, Eurorack synthesizers.