A selection of projects produced for clients, employers and self-produced.

Wonderfall (2017-2018)

Description: Warehouse-scale VR/XR experience at Pacific Science Center

Company: HyperspaceXR

Tools: Unity


  • multiplayer avatar representation in VR
  • tools for assistance in physical/virtual model alignment

Exploring the Layers of Rome (2017-2018)

Description: Educational mobile app focused on architecture and urban design in Rome, Italy

Client: Live & Learn LLC

Tools: Unity


  • User interface design
  • Content deployment

Ghoul Girls Rock (2018)

Description: HTML5 rhythm based game in support of client IP

Client: Disney

Tools: Haxe, Flambe


  • Rhythm based game featuring music from the Vampirina television program

LEGO Friends Maker Studio (2016-2017)

Description: Creativity mobile app in support of the LEGO Friends brand.

Client: LEGO (Cricket Moon Media)

Tools: Unity


  • real time painting tools and textures
  • facial landmark detection

Double Dutch Jump (2014-2015)

Description: Endless runner style game of jumprope for iOS.

Collaborator/Producer: Matt Obst

Tools: Unity


  • music engine
  • rhythm analysis

Golem Arcana (2014-2015)

Description: Hybrid digital app and tabletop game

Client: Harebrained Schemes

Tools: Unity


  • User interface enhancements
  • multiplayer push notifications
  • In app purchase UI

Libatious (2014)

Description: Cocktail recipe book/drink journal for iOS.


Tools: Xcode, Photoshop


  • Easily store recipes with photo, location
  • Share via social networks, text, email
  • SQLite driven database

BookFlix (2012-2013)

Description: Streaming service and creativity app for iOS.

Client: Scholastic (Cricket Moon Media)

Tools: Xcode


  • video streaming (Brightcove)
  • client/server app: accounts, dynamic asset updating, story creation and sharing

Minnie's Food Truck (2014)

Description: Activity app focused on Disney's Minnie Mouse character.

Client: Disney Digital Books (Cricket Moon Media)

Tools: Unity


  • 2D physics
  • asset downloading via client's proprietary service

Marine Missions (2013)

Description: Game focused on teaching children about oceans.

Client: National Geographic (Cricket Moon Media)

Tools: Corona


  • Multiple game mechanics

SceneIt? (2009-2012)

Description: Mobile version of the SceneIt? movie trivia game.

Employer: Screenlife

Tools: Xcode, Photoshop


  • Lead developer in release of 10+ titles for iPhone and iPad
  • Local wifi/bluetooth multiplayer mode

H2 (2005-2009)

Description: Windows/Mac OS tools in support of game production.

Employer: ScreenLife

Tools: RealBasic, Photoshop


  • DVD authoring tools
  • content writer tools used across many projects: DVD, console, web, mobile
  • bug database

Video Traces (2001-2005)

Description: Voice based video annotation software for Mac OS.

Employer: University of Washington

Tools: Director, RealBasic, Photoshop


  • real-time voice recording and video playback controls
  • mouse gesture recording
  • prototyped client/server version (Apache, FTP, MySQL, PHP)

Maximalist (2003-2007)

Description: Live video processing and performance application for Mac OS.


Tools: Xcode, Quartz Composer, Photoshop


  • quartz Composer based video processing
  • custom UI design and programming

Detour (various iterations)

Description: Interactive art installation and performances.


Tools: Director, Premiere, Quicktime, Photoshop, Visual Jockey


  • Performance utilizing hardware video mixer
  • Installation with multiple game interfaces
  • Performance utilizing software for video and audio